Saturday, June 27, 2015

A typical example of Hollywood chauvinism

What better example of Hollywood than this photo? The men can dress like shlepps, be older than 30, and look out of shape but the girl has to be perfectly dressed, sexually provocative, less than 30, and in shape (or have a high metabolism).

So typical of the double standard in the industry yet we're in the year 2015!!! Probably because the owners of these studios are rich, old chauvinists who still offer roles to actresses and actors in exchange for sex.

These idiots are the ones who are creating major films and distributing them worldwide!!! Incredible, isn't it? No wonder so many Hollywood movies are so terribly written, acted, and executed. Did you see the Wikileaks transcript of the way these high paid executives talk to each other about actors and actresses? The whole industry is fucked up by bigamists and chauvinists. I am amazed ANY great movie makes it through given the circumstances. You can throw a billion dollars into a movie project and it's still crap because the people heading it are crap.

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