Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Front Page News? REALLY???

The Huffington Post apparently thinks one third of its front page "news" should be about celebrities.

I enjoy reading the Huffington Post, from time to time, because, by American political standards at least, I am mostly a leftist at heart. I think the leftists generally do a better job at critiquing society and pointing out problems, and believing in fairness, than the rightists do. Again, though, this is just a general statement as I intrinsically prefer considering an idea, in and of itself, without applying any kind of ideology (be it political, religious, or what have you) because it is in this early stage that the idea can still be seen in a more objective light. Oftentimes after we apply ideology to an idea the idea itself fades and distorts in our memories.

But I digress.

One online trend that I see, across different news sites both left and right wing oriented, is to put the Celebrity Section on the right side of the website's Home Page. I find this catering to the lowest common denominator type audience, the popcorn eating crowd who doesn't really discern between reality and fakery, on the front page of any supposedly reputable news source a tarnishing of that news source's reputation. Because my view about how the news should be transmitted is Old School: News should always focus on the facts, be as objective as possible, and enlighten the public or improve society in some way. Having one third of the Front Page be dedicated to this or that celebrity does not constitute "news" to me. Such a section belongs in the Entertainment tab somewhere else.

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