Thursday, June 25, 2015

(crazy video) Kids Sex Dancing

This shouldn't surprise me -- knowing just how low some corners of the world's societies will morally go -- but it doesn't cease to amaze. These are actually prepubescent kids pretending to have sex as a dance! I don't recall my own childhood having any moments like this where we were all so educated about sex between adults. But this doesn't look like education it looks like perversion, lol. These poor kids, I think, why can't their society just let them play sports and with toys instead of acting like this? What went wrong with the social fabric here? When did this deterioration of moral values and sense of self-awareness begin?

There are a lot of unanswered questions in this video as well. I originally found it here on Vidmax,, but the country, the city, why there are only kids in this video, etc., has not been explained. If I were to guess, based on all past videos of everything I've ever seen, this could be Brazil or the Caribbean.

It also raises the whole question about cultural superiority. Is my culture superior for not letting their kids do whatever they want like this (regarding these little sex parties or whatever it is they're doing here; or drugs; or stealing; etc.)? Is there really such a thing as universal moral values that are firm no matter what society in the world is compared against them?

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