Friday, June 5, 2015

American teenager beaten by Israeli police

15-year-old Tariq Abu Khdeir
Last summer, the world was shocked by images of 15-year-old Tariq Abu Khdeir being beaten by Israeli police. The American teenager had been overseas visiting his family, when he was given a brutal beating by Israeli police. His cousin, Muhammad Abu Khdeir video taped the initial contact between the youth and the police.

The video clearly shows the teen being beaten, while additional officers sit on him, cuff him, kick and punch him repeatedly. One officer appears to kick the boy while he is unconscious.

Very few rushed to the defense of the Israeli police, but still some tried to blame the victim – as so often happens in police brutality cases. But now, Tariq has been cleared of all wrongdoing, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Tariq was detained for almost two full weeks before being allowed to return home. And after that, his cousin who took the video burned alive in retaliation for filming the police.

Initially, the police had claimed that the youth was “carrying a slingshot” at a protest. But the American Consulate in Jerusalem just announced on Wednesday that Tariq had not done anything wrong whatsoever. Moreover, they say he is free to enter or travel through Israel to visit family any time he wants, since he committed no crime.

One of the officers who beat Tariqwas finally criminally charged in September for assaulting a minor. An internal investigation said that evidence they found from the tape, which the deceased Muhammad filmed, “support[ed] the guilt of the police officer suspected of severe violent crimes.”

That sounds like a big victory, but two of the most brutal officers in the video have not been charged at all. Tariq said that for real justice to be served, these two Israeli officers need to face charges for beating him.

“I hope everyone, every officer that took part in my beating is taken to justice,” he clarified for the press.

(Article by Zeidy David and M.A. Hussein; thanks to Cop Block Israel and the Hashlamah Project Foundation for bringing this story to our attention)

Counter Current News
January 31st, 2015

So does anyone here think the mainstream American news media on TV or radio is going to talk about this story? Considering who owns the media and what their agenda is I give this a big "NO".

Just imagine how many times these racist Israeli police have been beating Palestinians, for nothing more than being Palestinian, and maybe you'll understand why Palestinians throw rocks or become violent martyrs. If Jewish Zionists are taking their land, beating them, and sanctioning them, what do you expect the outcome would be? Would any other race of people react differently to such ethnic cleansing / oppression?

The irony is that the Jews were oppressed and cleansed, themselves, by the Nazis. How is it that the Zionists among them somehow forgot their own history?

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