Friday, June 12, 2015

(warning: graphic) Young bully encounters old bully on the metro

I completely understand the older man's point about some young guys always violently challenging people and bullying people. But I'd have just let the kid run his mouth unless he got within arm's length and presented a real threat. I also don't see a need to use a knife or kill someone who is unarmed and not a major physical threat. Now if it was 2 or more people then I'd say 'maybe' a knife or gun is necessary because at that point I could be killed. But it depends even then because I wouldn't want to murder anyone unless there is no other option left. A lot of good fighters normally knockout the first threat, quickly, and then go for the second one after that rather than escalate the situation using weapons. This looks more like a case of one bully vs. another bully, that's all.

I think all men and women with good hearts should be trained in the martial arts and all men and women with bad hearts should be denied this kind of knowledge. I learned jujitsu for around 10 years prior to leaving America and moving to The Netherlands -- but I rarely tell anyone I know it and I always pretend I don't know how to fight. My first tactic is to always try to calm a potentially violent person -- you'd be surprised how staying calm and just talking to someone changes their mind most of the time. But I also understand that some people won't calm down no matter what you tell them -- in which case the "arm's length" rule comes into effect (meaning if they come within arm's length they're too much of a threat to speak to anymore and a violent reaction is needed).

I really hate violence, though. 99% of the time it's so unnecessary and sad to watch. I always feel a mixture of emotions when I watch violence. As a matter of fact I watch violent video clips every single day of my life and I have been for over a decade. It's not that I like violence it's just that I'm fascinated by it -- the dynamics of the entire event.

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